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NSU Finance Club’s coverage has expanded beyond our borders and it was possible through Blueprints. It has become the country’s first ever and also the only international financial case competition. 

In the modern era, the role that financial analysis and forecasting plays in terms of long term corporate decision making is of high significance. It includes scenarios such as acquisitions and mergers, company valuation and many other vital aspects. Blueprints creates a platform for undergraduate students worldwide by providing them access to necessary knowledge and skills and show ways to implement them. 

The competition has 3 informative workshops where experts will provide their insights and opinions. Each workshop is followed by a specific round with a total of 3 rounds. The skills required in the following rounds will not be restricted to finance only as participants will be required to have knowledge of basic business functions as well. Participants must also form teams of 2 to 4 members in order to participate.


Optimity is an inter-university nationwide competition organized for the undergraduate students across Bangladesh which has made an incredible mark among the various business competitions in the country since its debut. The competition mainly subjects real life portfolio management making it the only portfolio management competition of the country. Throughout the competition, participants are able to accumulate insights regarding real life portfolio management.

The competition kicks off with 2 highly informative workshops where experts share their views and teachings required to go through the competition. Following the workshops, the competition officially begins with the first of 3 competitive rounds. Round one is MCQ based which is designed for testing the group’s primary knowledge and skills.  The second and final rounds are case based where judgements are made based on presentation of portfolio management skills of the groups.


Over the years, the use of Microsoft Excel has taken over various other record keeping and analytical tools and has become increasingly significant for business use. NSU Finance Club presents Excelsior, an online based Microsoft Excel competition. It is an individual competition for undergraduate students coming from any department / discipline across the country. The main purpose of the competition is to assist participants in honing their excel skills which will help them in surviving today’s immensely competitive career field.

The competition comprises 2 workshops conducted by industry professional and excel experts. These workshops are further followed by 2 distinct rounds and finally , the Grand Finale. From the very basics of excel to advanced complex functions for professional problem solving, Excelsior comprises a very extended bound of skills for its participants to hone.


In today’s era of e- business, use of social media and other forms of digitalization, market research plays a vital role in a firm’s success. And thus, NSU Finance Club presents IMRC (International Market Research Challenge), an online inter university nationwide competition. It is mainly based on international market research.

The competition is designed for undergraduate students from any discipline where students are able to participate individually. It comprises one highly informative workshop conducted by industry experts who will enlighten participants with extensive knowledge required for market research. The workshop is further followed by two distinct rounds which include research submission and presentation.

Throughout the event, the main purpose is to help participants develop and excel their skills in market research which indeed is a vital aspect in the modern business world.